A Home At Last

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thank goodness for free wifi because we have been without internet since we've moved and I'm feeling a little bit disconnected from the outside world...I know right, how catastrophic! It's actually been nice! I haven't touched my computer in 4 days, saving myself from who knows how many, but a LOT of wasted hours. However I have missed my little world of blogging and hopefully you've missed me too!

Anyways back to the point of this post, WE'VE MOVED! It's official as of Monday! We're living in a two bedroom basement suite (which has more space then we've ever known in our married lives), we're in a nice neighbourhood, we have a kind of communal backyard with a pond and trails (which makes me very happy, we have a little piece of city that is not covered in concrete!). And extra bonus it's within walking distance to everything we need!

The last couple days we've spent unpacking boxes upon boxes, loading up the fridge, and making our new nest home. There's still a lot of work to do and we're going to have to get creative because there isn't much storage space. I happy though that the kitchen and living room are set up, the harder more tedious jobs await this procrastinating mom...the bedrooms!

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