Head Trauma

Friday, August 31, 2012

Last night was one of the worst moments we have come to know as parents.

Over the last couple days Rylee has found a keen interest in climbing the stairs...and last night I'm sad to admit she fell down them!

Thank goodness they weren't a full set of stairs, I didn't witness the fall but at the most she fell ten stairs (which is still a lot of a such a teeny tiny person!). I was in the kitchen cleaning up and Sevio was playing a game and through a lack of communication we heard her fall and both made it to her just as she went splat on the floor. Obviously she cried immediately and a goose egg developed right on her forehead, which felt like a stamp for the worst parent award... So hard to see your baby get hurt and not have been able to save her! But our little trooper calmed down quickly, went quiet for a bit, and then thank the Lord piped up to her regular goofy self.

I'm so happy the place we're moving to has no stairs and I don't have to worry.

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