Day Trip to Seattle

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday we knocked one more thing off our summer bucket list with a day trip to Seattle! And now that we're living so close to the border making it happen was like a walk in the park, we saved ourselves half a day of catching a few ferry boats, driving, and a couple hundred dollars just in travel costs. 

We went down with no plan in mind, just a GPS guiding us to general areas. As we drove into the city we saw the famous space needle and decided we'd go check it out, I for one had never actually been up it, so after a couple wrong turns and many attempts of finding cheap parking we finally landed about a block and a half from the needle. We had to wait an hour just to go up but once we were up we got to see this wonderful city from an amazing birds eye view.

After our 520' excursion up in the air we made our way down to the waterfront to take in all the hustle and bustle that Pike Place Market had to offer. Another first for me and Rylee! We walked through all the artisans and market vendors, checked out the first ever Starbucks, and walked through the little alley just above the market. I loved every minute of it!!

By the time we finished up at the market it was getting late and time to head home and because I wanted to get some outlet shopping in before it was too late! After shopping we stopped for dinner in Arlington, ending the day off perfectly with my favourite cuisine... Thai!!

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