Great-Great Grandma Effie

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Rylee's 10 month birthday, September 10th, we said goodbye to her great-great grandma Effie. She was 99 and a half years old...that's pretty incredible, she was pretty incredible, with "pretty" being the understatement of the year!

We were blessed to have spent a summer living with her just before Rylee was born. It was amazing to watch this 98 year old woman who was still living in her own home and fully capable of doing most things. She was a sweet woman who truly cared about us and our lives, dreams, and futures; she was a fighter who didn't let a full jar of peanut butter dropping on her frail foot phase her; and she was extremely loving and generous grandma who opened up her home to us when we had nowhere else to go.

The last couple months we have seen her health go up and down but mostly down with two bouts of pneumonia, one of which hospitalized her, but she's a true fighter and it wasn't long till she returned to the comforts of her home. She gradually lost more and more energy, her eyesight, and even her ability to speak. We got the honour of saying our final goodbyes before we moved, and it was the weirdest feeling to know that this was going to be the last time we saw this wonderful woman alive.

She left behind a legacy for generations being a true example of a faithful servant of God full of love and a woman of prayer. I remember everyday when we were living with her she still held prayer meetings in her home and spent countless hours reading and studying the Bible. She's in a much better place now, I can't imagine the joy she felt when she got to see her Lord.

 This isn't a goodbye Grandma, but much more of a see you later and a thank you for being who you were! I'm so glad, even though she won't remember it, that Rylee got to meet you, be held and kissed by you, they will be special cherished memories for us that we can remember for her.

Five Generations
Rylee meeting her great-great grandma for the second time.
The great-great grandbabies, and these are just a few of them!

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