DIY Thursday - Colorful Painted Bulbs

Thursday, November 1, 2012

This week I strayed from my to-do list for Rylee's upcoming birthday party and did something I've been wanting to do for a loooooong time! I've had these plain glass Christmas bulbs for two years just waiting for me to make them pretty!

Supply List:
- Glass Christmas Bulbs (I got mine at Micheal's)
- Acrylic Paint (I just used what I had on hand and kind of wish I went out and bought some prettier time)

This is a really simple project, just squeeze your color of choice into one of the bulbs (and be generous). Now swirl it around, and shake it like a polaroid picture to get the last spots. 

When finished place the bulbs upside down in their tray overnight to dry.

Once they have dried you can keep them as is, or decorate the outside with some glass paint markers (which you can find at your local craft store). For me I kept a few plain jane, and others I decorated with snowflake designs. These can make for super cheap DIY gifts or unique one of kind Christmas ornaments for your own tree!

(If this DIY project has inspired you to create your own, I kindly ask you share my link within your own post. And don't forget to come back and comment your link to your beautiful bulbs, I'd love to see them too!)

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