DIY Thursday - Painted Picture Frames

Friday, November 16, 2012

Sorry guys, this is a day late but better late than never right!?

My project this week is painted mismatched picture frames. Put a little modernness into some old frames you have kicking around and liven up a bare wall. You can paint them any color you wish, in my case I stuck with an off-white since it goes with basically any wall color (it really pops with a darker color behind... which I do not have :( day I'll have the freedom to paint walls my own day.)

Supply List:
Wooden Frames (I had a pile already, and found some more at Value Village)
Paint (Any ol' can you got stored in the garage, or something new and fresh, I went to Home Depot and got a mini trial tub for .50¢!)
Sandpaper (I got a variety 10 pack at the dollar store)
Paintbrush (And again dollar store I found a pack of 3)

This is so super easy and quick, are you ready? 
Sand down your frames and wipe them with a clean rag or cloth. lay down some newspaper and begin painting, you'll probably need two coats (I did), so get them all painted and if its a nice day lay them outside to dry to speed up the drying process. I let mine sit for an hour while went and folded an obscene amount of laundry. After the second coat I let them dry for a few hours before sticking photos in. Below are my finished frames, I have some on the go, and am looking for more (got a big space to fill!) when I get them on the wall I'll post the finished product. (Also a little nugget of information for you...if your a penny pincher like me you can get larger photos printed at staples, my 8X10's cost me .44¢ each and once their behind glass you can't really tell!)

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