Off To Daycare

Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is Rylee leaving the house for her second day of daycare!!
I know she's such a big girl and don't worry its not full time its only one day a week.
We learned that the Government provides a childcare subsidy for low income families (awesome!!) so we've decided to take advantage of it so that I can potentially get a part-time job and get a day to do errands or projects baby free. So Thursday are our day, Rylee gets to socialize and play and gain a little independence while daddy is in class all day and I clean house, grocery shop, sit in solitude, and look for a job. 

I look forward to this day so much, I love my girl but I think every parent needs a break once in awhile. I wouldn't change my life for anything but I have learned parenting can be exhausting, very time consuming, and even frustrating so I believe quite strongly that its healthy to have a day to myself, for me and for Rylee. She's out developing social skills, learning how to interact and play while I'm getting a chance to catch my breath, recoup, and refocus so I can be more attentive and loving to her needs. And I tell you in just one day, her absence makes my heart grow stronger. There's nothing like coming to pick her up and seeing her whole face light up as she sees me and immediately stops what shes doing to come see me....she melts my heart!

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