First Birthday Party

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Finally!! I am posting pictures from Rylee's first birthday party!!

We went home (our previous home on the rock) to celebrate with our close friends and family. It was a ton of fun seeing everyone's face again and amazing seeing how many people love this little girl who blessed us with her presence one year and ten days ago. 

I spent a bit of time prior to the event (ok weeks) planning and creating this awesome owl themed party and everything turned out SOOO great, from the cake to the cake pops, owl lanterns, owl goodie bags, and everyone else helped the theme along with their owl gift bags, cards, and presents!

Thanks everyone for coming out and blessing Rylee with all the great books, toys, clothes, and money! We're so thankful that each and every one of you are a part of our lives and her life... here's to many many more birthday parties!!

Special thank-you's go out to: Megan (G-Mo) for helping make the tedious cake pops and creating that masterpiece cake topper and finding time to help me decorate; Sandy for bringing veggies+dip; Jamma for the punch; Grandma S for letting me make a mess of her kitchen and taking pictures; Grandma R for the chips; Aunty Emily for taking pictures; and most importantly Sevio for putting up with all my party planning!)

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  1. It was a great party...and nice to see you guys again!


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