Fluff Mail

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Recently we received a very exciting parcel, something known in the cloth diapering world as fluff mail!

For Rylee's birthday I wanted to get her some new night-time diapers as the ones she has are on the verge of being too small. I spent a lot of time researching a good quality diaper that would be super absorbent, fitted, and will last hopefully until potty training days. Finally after reading a lot of reviews, asking a lot of questions from fellow cloth diaper momma's, and overcoming the unbearable desire to purchase every cute diaper I came across, I finally found an awesome cloth diapering company called "Sustainablebabyish" (aka sbish).

In the parcel were 6 snapless sbish cloth diapers. When I pulled out the first diaper from the parcel I gave it to Rylee which she grabbed onto with pure excitement. She had a huge smile on her face as she hugged it close to her chest. She then turned and ran away with it, found a place to sit and played with this new soft delightful diaper putting it around her neck and on her head.

These diaps are awesome! They are a heavy organic bamboo/cotton terry cloth. Each diaper also comes with two 3-layer organic bamboo fleece inserts for extra absorbancy. They have a trim body (perfect for our tiny Rylee) and the long wings allow for a custom fit and quick change as you only need one pin to secure it. At first when I was looking into these diapers I was extremely hesitant to use pins in fear of stabbing myself and squirmy Rylee. I sided with the snapless because of their ability to provide a fit, since Rylee is so tiny its hard for the diapers with snaps to fit properly around her legs (thus creating quick leaks).

I also purchased a knit wool cover, which is necessary for these diapers and when they are paired together it creates a wonderful leak-free combination. The cover is my favourite color, purple, and are soft, stretchy, breathable, durable, and ultra-absorbant. At first it seemed like they would become quite the chore since you have to lanolize and wash them by hand. But I think now that I've done it and know what I'm doing it's not going to be that much of a bother, and I only have to wash them every few weeks.

And an added perk to finding such great diapers is that its a great company, not only are their diapers organic but for each diaper you buy a tree is planted! And although the wool covers are made in China, they are made in a socially and environmentally responsible knit house. The knit line is also a part of the one diaper-one tree program and their handtags are plantable which means no packaging waste and you and your baby get to plant and watch your flowers grow.

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