Christmas #1

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I feel like I'm playing catch up but I don't mind looking back on all our holiday fun! Here's some pictures of our first Christmas with Sevio's family....

Rylee's joining the dog-pile with her cousins (right). Hanging out with Daddy (left).
Opening her first present (Monster popsicle molds!!)

 Opening her BIG present (a shopping cart!).
Reading her new book about baby Jesus from Great-Grandma.
 Looking cute in her pigtails (yay for longer hair!)
 Playing with her crazy Papa!

Christmas with Sevio's family was wonderful! We celebrated a little differently this year by doing it all the weekend before, definitely better than jam packing 4 Christmas' into one! And it was especially great because Rylee got to play with both her cousins, they are all at such a great age! 
Rylee even got into unwrapping her presents which I was quite surprised about, I didn't think she'd figure it out. She ended up getting a shopping cart (fruit & veggies included), a new baby doll, mrs.potato head, monster popsicle molds (can't wait to use them!), clothes, a book, blanket, and I think that's it! She's one blessed little girl! 
Thanks Severn family for all the fun :)

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