Italian Date Night

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This blog post is WAY overdue, last month we had an Italian themed date...which stems way back to our "Passport To Love." (our once a month themed date nights). This months location was extra special because it was actually one of our honeymoon spots!!

We began the night by making homemade pizza and bruschetta together with some Italian music playing in the background. The bruschetta was a simple recipe I found a long time ago and has turned into a fave for its simplicity (tomato+garlic+balsamic vinegar+pesto). And the pizza a rendition of the shrimp neptune (pesto+onion+shrimp+cheese+ranch dressing).
Once the pizza was dished up we relocated to the living room to watch the Italian Job, which unfortunately I had no idea there was an old version and a new version and ended up getting the old one... definitely not as captivating as the new one I'm sure.
After the movie I pulled dessert out of the freezer, gelato! Three flavors: kiwi, coconut, and strawberry!! We ate, and ate till our tummies were quite content, all the while watching a slideshow of our honeymoon pictures from Italy with music from our wedding playing in the background. It was so great looking back, laughing, and remembering how much fun we had as we ran around that beautiful country. 
Sevio eatting his first slice of Italian pizza overlooking the canals of Venice.
 Us making a wish at Trevi Fountain in Rome.

 Having fun outside the Coliseum in Rome.
Holding up and pushing down the leaning tower of Pisa.

Hiking in Cinque Terre along the Via dell’Amore (our final and favorite place before heading home). 

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