Road Trip!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Since Sevio's on reading break we took full advantage of the time off to go for a little road trip up to 70 Mile House to meet some friends "half way" who traveled from even further up north of BC. It was a real treat because we rarely ever get to see them, and extra special because this was our first time meeting their son...who is already 9 months old (and bigger than Rylee)!

If any of you have been to 70 Mile (I don't know why you would), but its a drive-thru kind of town (at least in the winter), if you blinked on your way through you would easily miss it. Anyways, we spent three nights up there, catching up and having fun. They introduced us to deep fried chocolate bars, and we introduced them to Dominion (a board game)! When we weren't eating or playing Dominion we were watching Modern Family, playing pool, or going for a walk. 

Apart from being in the absolute middle of nowhere we had an amazing time with their amazing little family! And I'm SOOOO excited for the summer when they move down here to the "warm" West Coast.... I just wish it was sooner!
Daddies feeding brekky to the kiddo's
Rylee playing in a bucket... seems to be a normal occurrence with her.
Going for a walk in a homemade sled...a rubbermaid tote!

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