7-11 A Day To Remember

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today is a very important day...

let me enlighten you...

wait for it...

...Today is the day 7-11 gives out free slurpees!!

Ok, ok, that's not why its important (although it is pretty great!), today is our anniversary, third anniversary that is! Its wild to think its been three years...in some aspects it feels likes its been forever and in other ways I find myself saying, "where has the time gone?"

Over Canada Day weekend we took off for a little getaway to celebrate! It was a well needed break and time to reconnect before we take off on our big adventure! (Thanks Grandma's for babysitting!) We booked a hotel down in the inner harbour of Victoria with airmiles, right down where all the festivities were taking place! The first night we stayed in enjoying the pool and hot-tub and getting a good nights sleep (at least I did, I was out by 9pm!). The second day was Canada Day so we went down and joined in with the sea of people wearing red and white, we walked through the markets and did a little shopping for our trip before going to Monsters University! For lunch we hit up Floyd's Diner and then back to the hotel for a swim and rest until the evening. We came back out to set up camp along the waterfront to watch the fireworks, which were short but pretty great. Our last and final day we had lunch with Sevio's mom and slowly made our way back to the ferry to reunite with our Rylee-bean!

One of the nights while we were out for dinner we asked each other, "what is your favourite memory from each year we've been together?" which I thought was a neat way to recap our three wonderful years together!

The First Year...
Sevio's best memory was our honeymoon, and specifically when we were on the island of Santorini, in Greece, where we rented a quad and rode all over the island taking in the sights. 

My best memory was our first anniversary, where Sevio surprised me with a night away at the same B&B we stayed at for our wedding night and took me off island the next day. (sorry no pictures)

The Second Year...
Sevio's best memory was the birth of our daughter, Rylee Peyton!
My best memory was our trip to Las Vegas, riding roller coasters, seeing the Blue Man Group, Cirque De Soleil, walking endlessly down the strip, and I can't forget the amazing seafood buffet at Planet Holleywood!

The Third Year...
Sevio's best memory was all our "Dates Around The World" (my second anniversary gift I gave to him). He liked it because we got to try lots of different ethnic foods (what's that saying..."a way to a man's heart is through his stomach"?)

I had the same best memory, but I narrowed it down to our Italian date night where we made homemade pizzas and bruschetta, ate gelato, watched a slideshow of pictures from our honeymoon, and finished the night with me snoozing through the Italian Job.

And there you have it... a brief overview of some of our favourite memories to date, here's to many many more and especially so in this next year!

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