Travelling With The Babe

Friday, July 26, 2013

After 18 hours of travel we arrived safely in Chiang Mai, Thailand late on July 24th! 

Our first flight from Vancouver to Seoul, Korea was approximately 11 hrs. This flight made me a bit nervous since Rylee isn't one to be contained, and this was a heck of a long time to keep her busy. Thankfully we were blessed with a whole middle bulk head row to ourselves so she could have her own seat and extra room to play without having to disturb anyone. She slept for probably 6 hrs of the flight (we however didn't sleep a wink), for the remainder of the time we kept her busy with food and toys with no major meltdowns!

Our second flight from Seoul to Chiang Mai was about 5.5 hrs and in our home time was right in the wee hours of the, long story short we were tired! Ry was awake for takeoff and the mealtime (about 2 hrs). She got super snuggly so I decided to give her a gravol in hopes it would help her sleep longer to help her adjust better to our new time zone ...good decision! She passed out for the remainder of the flight allowing both of us to get some shut eye too. She woke up while going through customs, but once we got settled in the hotel room she was ready for bed! 

After a nights sleep I think it's safe to say we have adjusted well to the time difference and have been spared of the dreaded jet lag! We have one more night for rest and relaxation and then we go check out our new place to live for the next three months!

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