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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Well we've successfully landed ourselves a place to lay our heads!

When we left Canada we had booked one week at a hotel, but from that point on we were going to be homeless. We planned to go house hunting once we arrived, but before we even set foot in the Land of Smiles we got an unexpected email, one stating there was a room ready and waiting for us at a YWAM guesthouse! 

Traveling with a child makes you care a little bit more about these kind of details but we were trusting in God to provide a place for us, and you know what, He did just that! I'm not going to lie I was a little bit worried (which is why I took it upon myself to book the first week at a hotel), but my worry wasn't even necessary, we ended up cancelling our booking and by day 3 in Thailand we were moved into our new place.

We have a room with a bed for us, a bed on the floor for Rylee (she a big girl now, no more crib!), our own bathroom, a little balcony where we can hang our clothes to dry. We share a living area and kitchen with the rest of the people in the house, and bonus its only 10 minutes walking distance from the cafe!

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