Chiang Mai Zoo

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Welcome to the Chiang Mai Zoo! Last Saturday we went to the zoo as yet another birthday gift for Sevio (thanks to Grandma Michele!). We were pretty excited to show Rylee some real live animals up close, especially the monkeys (which are in her favorite movie, Rio, and her bedtime and traveling buddy is a monkey.)

The Chiang Mai Zoo is unlike any zoo I have ever been to, it offers a tram and/or monorail service to get around the park, but of course being our frugal selves we opted out of those services...bad decision! The animals were few and far apart and for the most part you always feel like your going uphill, not the greatest on a hot day with backpacks and a stroller! 

Our biggest highlight from the day was seeing the hippopotamus', you could pay a few baht to feed them and they would reach up out of the water (practically an arms distance or less away) for you to throw the food into their gigantic mouths! Another highlight was the orangutan (the first monkey we saw!), just as we were walking up he sauntered over with a vine he had draped over himself as a necklace, he was pretty awesome.

Our little monkey meets real life monkeys for the first time! It was pretty cute, we brought Rylee's little stuffed monkey along with us and when we saw the orangutan and other monkeys she would hold her little monkey out to show the big monkeys.

And here are a few more animals we got to see...

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