Fondue Ice Cream

Monday, August 12, 2013

We took Sevio out to Swensons for a special treat (well his mom did...thanks Jamma!) on his birthday.  Swensons is a fabulously extravagant ice cream shop, (note to Canada...GET Swensons!), you can get anything from cakes to outrageous sundaes to specialty coffees, smoothies, and floats to my personal favourite...fondue!
The faces of pure ice cream excitement
With the fondue we got to pick nine out of their 30+ decadent flavours of ice cream, sherbet, and sorbet. It was hard to pick but we got macadamia, yogen berry, cookies & creme, lemon sherbet, chocolate peanut butter cup, very strawberry, chocolate chip, mocha almond fudge, and apple cranberry sorbet! All of which were delicious, and even more so when dipped in the chocolate fondue!

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