Bump Watch : Week 23

Saturday, September 21, 2013

I originally planned to post a picture of my growing bump every four weeks (if I'm a keener I may find time to post another one next week just for the heck of staying on schedule...no promises though!). But last weekend we went to some limestone waterfalls and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for using the gorgeous Thai landscape as a new background! Definitely a little more interesting than the ordinary bedroom walls I normally use.

To date, lil'man has been quite active moving around and its exciting now to actually see his kicks and wiggles! He should be about the size of a large mango and weighing in just over a pound. At this stage in his development he can now hear what I hear, just a little muffled due to being tucked away in the womb. Exciting times these are now that we can literally see his growth on my ever expanding belly... approximately 17 weeks to go!

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