It Takes A Village...

Thursday, September 19, 2013

 The final chapter from our "Escape From The City"

Our last stop before heading home was to an area where a variety of Thailand's hilltribes displayed their differences, handicrafts, and more rural way of life. It was a neat to sit and talk with the kids, men, and ladies and see how they make their handicrafts (absolutely amazing what they can do by hand!), but what this place was missing was the authentic feel of a real village, I would definitely make sure next time (even if it cost more) to visit a real village of one specific hilltribe.

My favourite hilltribe to visit was the Karen Hilltribe (also known as the Longnecks). This tribe is well known for their women who wear gold rings around their necks, calves, and wrists. It blows my mind the length of some of these women's elongated necks and how strong they are to live with the weight of them day in and day out (you will see a picture of me wearing a mock longneck which weighs 1lb which is nothing to some ladies who were wearing up to 3lbs of rings just on their necks!).

And that about sums up our little excursion out of the city, obviously a full day but a very fun day! I only wish Rylee was old enough to remember it all!

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