Elephant Show

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Series 3 of 5 from our day playing tourists!

After the rickety ox cart ride we made our way over to find some good seats for the elephant show! Rylee at this point was starting to lose her grip, hunger and tiredness were becoming an apparent need for this child. But with the distraction of playing with the camera and dancing elephants we were able to get through the show without any major meltdowns, thank goodness!

There were about 10 elephants ranging from the ages 414 years old who came out to preform their tricks. They greeted us, painted pictures (better than Sevio could ever paint), played soccer and basketball, danced, and even pretended to sleep (note the picture of them lying down, they're not dead I promise!).

After the show we got to indulge ourselves with a delicious buffet lunch before heading down to the river for our next event... bamboo rafting!

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