Escape From The City!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yesterday we got to get out of the city and play tourists for a day! So exciting... I can't tell you how good it felt for us small town island folk to get a breath of fresh air and see some greenery!

We did a variety of different activities including: elephant riding, an ox-cart ride, elephant show, buffet lunch, bamboo rafting, and visited a hill tribe village! It was a long day as you can imagine but fun none-the-less! I will do a series of blogs to document the day, there are just too many pictures to post in one blog!

So first up will be our first adventure: elephant riding!!

Rylee was a bit nervous at first getting on and even throughout the ride she sat very still taking it all in, however, every time we saw a baby elephant she piped up and would say, "Baby, BABIEEEE!"

It was probably about a 20 minute ride in total where we trudged through muck, passed by a rice paddy, crossed a bridge, climbed a hill, and came to our final landing where we disembarked and went on to our next event... Ox-Cart Riding! (stay tuned for next blog)

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