Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ok this is it, the last post from our trip to Malaysia. I'm finishing up with our day spent in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur. We had one day to see the sights and I'll tell ya, it included a lot of walking! Thankfully, one thing KL has going for it is an easy to understand, quick, and inexpensive metro system.

Our first sight to see was "Little India" which is where we had our first, and most favourite Indian meal in Malaysia. This eclectic area was filled with sights, sounds, and smells with the punjab music blaring through the food vendors selling fruits, vegetables, treats and other fine pastries like samosa and curry puffs and street vendors filled with beautiful colorful sari's and other apparel. 

 Next up was Chinatown, just a five minute walk from where we staying. Chinatown is home to KL's famous "Peddling Street" where hundreds of vendors are selling their goods, aka a place to find cheap knock offs! We actually didn't spend too much time here, if your there (like us) with no intent to shop and partake in the customary bartering then it all becomes a bit overwhelming. But it was fun to walk through and see, not too mention witness a man with a cheetah print scooter with a (real) monkey in a dress sitting on the back. 

Our first architectural sight to see was the KL Tower (which we actually had a great view of from our hotel). Much like the CN Tower or Seattle Space Needle this building stands skinny and tall in which you can go up and see the view of the city from the observation deck, or sit down for some high tea. W e fully intended on going up but upon arrival learned it was a tad pricey just to get to the observation deck, and seeing how we've been to the CN Tower and Space Needle we opted to save our dimes for something more exciting.

From the KL Tower we walked, yes walked, about a half hour to the world famous Patronus Twin Towers. Trivial fact for you: the Patronus Towers were once the tallest buildings in the world, until 2004, they are still the tallest twin buildings though . Outside the towers there is an open area with a big fountain area with a little park surrounding it. The first 6 or so floors of the towers are a mall where we spent  a good chunk of time window shopping until coming across a restaurant that overlooked the fountain area. We rested our weary feet and indulged our western taste buds to some familiar eats of burgers and quesadillas. After dinner we were thoroughly stuffed and exhausted but excited nonetheless to get outside and capture some pictures of these building all lit up, a must see for sure!

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