All Good Things Come To An End

Monday, December 23, 2013

All good things come to an end, that being our current tourist visas. Which means Christmas day we will be doing things a bit differently...

We are jumping on a bus to make a nine hour journey to Thailand's neighbour country, Laos. We will be applying for two 2 month tourist visas this time around, if approved we only have to make a one more run for the Cambodian border sometime in February to activate the second visa (a day trip, of literally walking over the border just to turn around, get stamped and come back again). 

Being 37 weeks pregnant I am unable to fly, we could take the train, but we've booked with a company that takes care of all the details for us, which totally out of character for us, but at this point I just want it to be easy and stress free! It's going to be a long and highly uncomfortable ride and I can only imagine one consisting of very little sleep. I've never been one to sleep in vehicles, especially ones that drive at warp speed through the wee hours of the night (I have trust issues with drivers in these kind of circumstances). 

Doing these visa runs whilst pregnant have proven themselves complicated, and this time around unpredictable now that we're so close to go time. We did have the alternative to extend our current visa giving us an extra month but then we are getting awfully close to my due date, which if baby is overdue, then Houston we have a problem! 

Here's hoping and praying for safe travels and visa approvals. 

Merry Christmas everyone! 

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