Special Delivery

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rylee and all her adorableness has made us a lot of friends in our area over the past month. People just love her, I know I'm biased...but how could they not!?! We have got to know a number of people and families in our apartment building, store owners, and food vendors like the noodle lady at the end of our street.

This woman, Nan, has the sweetest demeanour about her. She always says hi to us, since the first time we got noodles from her. And She's loves to talk with us in as much broken english as she knows. Its in times like this I really wish I knew Thai, I would love to get to know Nan more and knowing her language sure would help!

This past week on our way home I stopped with Rylee to say hi to her and she told me to come back later because she was making cupcakes and wanted to give us some...did I say she was sweet? She is so sweet! At the end of our conversation she realized Rylee's nose was running (she's had a cold) and said in a loving motherly kind of way to "go home, and take care". A couple hours later there was a knock on our door...it was Nan. She took time off work to hand deliver four cupcakes to our door because she wanted Rylee to stay home and rest!  Not only did she somehow find out where we lived, she somehow knew we loved owls (look at her cute fondant owl masterpiece!). She's so considerate, kind hearted and straight up amazing, and I'm totally humbled by her!

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