DIY Gift For The Hubby

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Because Sevio and I opted out of giving each other physical gifts this year for Christmas I wanted to give him something special and a little more heartfelt. So inside of his Santa hat made stocking that was filled with some of his favourite snacks I added a handmade Christmas card filled with sweet nothings and a voucher for a complete day off from us, his wonderful never tiring or annoying girls! 

The voucher was easy enough, using some pre-cut cardstock and a fine tip pen I set to work on personalizing his deal for a "full day off" and lets not forget the most important part, the "fine print"! Here is where you can make it your own, in the case of this voucher I wrote that he "has until the birth of our second child to redeem, it must be submitted at least one day in advance, he must enjoy himself, he must try something new, and last but not least he must kiss his wife when he returns home! Failure to complete these minor stipulations will result in termination of voucher with no refund." 

That's it! Super easy and a great gift if your short on cash or just want to give something a little more personal. 

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1 comment:

  1. Aw I love this! Such a sweet idea! I'm sure he loved it!


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