Ringing In The New Year

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We spent New Years in a small beach town about three hours outside of Bangkok called Hua Hin. Amazingly enough all three of us made it till midnight to ring in the new year, sort of, I may or may not have had a brief snooze beforehand.

Where we were staying was less than a five minute walk away from the beach so about 20 minutes before midnight we made our way out there to see what was happening. Not expecting much we were surely surprised when we found crowds of people along the beach setting off fireworks and lanterns. One group let Sevio help with the lighting and letting go of one of the big candle lanterns, which was pretty cool since we missed out on the actual Lantern Festival a few months back! 

When the clock struck 12 the real light show began. Each hotel along the shore seemed to be at competition with one another having their own firework show. We didn't know which way to look, behind, in front of us, beside us...everywhere you looked was firework after firework shooting up into the sky! For about a half hour we just stood in awe of all the pops of light and color mixed with lanterns and smoke, it was so awesome! One of the best New Years I've ever experienced!

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  1. Oh wow! This looks like you guys had a lot of fun, and was a pretty neat way to bring in the new year! This mum card really tires you out, so I missed the count down this year. I would love to see the lantern festival, putting that on my bucket list!

  2. I love fireworks! Seaworld in San Diego, CA always have fireworks at night. We used to have bonfires every Sunday night and watch the fireworks. I also love the floating lanterns. In fact, I have a bunch left from our wedding(I bought too much hehe).

    The third picture is crazyyy! It looks like a bunch of lightning! Pretty cool, I'd say.


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