3 Weeks Old!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zachery is 3 weeks old today!

I can hardly believe it! Before I know it he's gonna be rolling, crawling, walking, and forever running away from me like his big sister, Rylee! A part of me can't wait for him to get bigger and more playful but another part of me wants him to stay small and cuddly forever.

He's still a little bobble head, but each day his neck muscles are getting sturdier, he's able to hold his head up for a few seconds and look around when he's on his tummy. He's got a few quirks already like he doesn't like to be left alone and if he's awake he wants to be propped up. He's totally a stinky boy with the amount of times he passes gas in a day, but I'll take that over puking every five minutes like Rylee used to!

Rylee so far has been so great with him! In the last couple days she's actually been saying his name, "Ack", rather than, "Baby". She tries to get him to play with her toys, and if I say he can't yet she gets pretty upset... here's hoping by the time he's able to play she'll still want to share her toys! Another funny thing she does is poke his eyelids open when he's sleeping (you gotta watch this kid at all times i tell ya!), she does this because I told her if his eyes are closed she can't play with him...so funny how kids seem to always outsmart us parents!

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