Zachery // One Month Old

Monday, February 17, 2014

Zachery is officially one month old!

I keep catching myself looking at him and saying, "man, he's getting so big!", and it's true! At his check-up on Saturday we learned he has already gained 1.2kg (2lbs 6oz), and grown 2 inches! He's definitely grown out of his scrunched up newborn state and with that extra length it's become quite obvious he's no longer a delicate little infant, but a round squishy baby!

He's staying awake longer now, sometimes way too long! I actually think he's afraid of missing out on something because he fights going to sleep with everything in him! He's also able to lift himself up a bit when on his belly and hold his head up for a few seconds now. He still hasn't thrown up (yay!), but he is still one mean tootin' machine.

His go-to expression is very serious, and inquisical, like he's taking in everything with a lot of thought (note the picture above). Rylee and him are going to balance one another out I think with his quiet thoughtfulness and her rambunctious goofiness. They are so cute together already and I just can't wait till they are actually able to play together, right now its a little one sided with Rylee attacking poor defenceless little Zachery!

Funny story from the past week:
I had just handed Zach over to Sevio and no more than a couple minutes later Sevio had discovered that Zach had sprung a leak! A silent but deadly explosion of runny yellow poop had seeped up his back and all over Sevio's lap... And I mean ALL over! Needless to say it was bath time for both my boys after that incident!

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