Outfit of the Day // Adventure Awaits

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I've been playing with this idea for awhile now, and I'm ready to put it in to action. Every Wednesday I'm going to share with you some fashion style/outfits that are good for the whole family!

Each week I'll alternate between featuring outfits for Ladies + Men, and Boys + Girls. These styles are a glimpse of my style, or style I dream of having but lack the funds, in that case its a glimpse into one of my favourite hobbies, window shopping!

This week I'll start with Boys + Girls that is inspired from Baby Gap's latest line called "Paddington Bear : Adventure Awaits". Now normally I steer clear of Gap, never been a huge fan, but this line is the cutest! And its styled after my favourite childhood bear!

Hope you enjoy!

Adventure Awaits Lil'Man

This Lil'Man outfit consists of:
Zoelo Designs // Crochet Button Beanie
Lusso Baby // Baltic Amber Teething Bracelet/Anklet
Baby Gap // Graphic Bodysuit
Baby Gap // Colored Knit Waist Jeans
Keep // Ramos Evening Herringbone Shoe

Adventure Awaits Lil'Lady
This Lil'Lady outfit consists of:
Baby Gap // Ruffle Sleeve Dress
Childrens Place // Denim Bow Ballet Flats
Little Blooms // Champagne Glitter Star Bobby Pins

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  1. These are adorable!! I wish I had babies to dress up... Except not because I'm no where ready to be a mother!

  2. ahahaa your funny Allena! Until your ready you can just be that awesome "aunt" that gives rad clothes :)


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