Chatuchak & The Pool

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our first day with my Dad and sister in tow was spent at our favourite weekend spot, Chatuchak Park & Market. We introduced them to crazy heat & humidity, crowded Asian transportation & markets, and more importantly to some yummy, yummy food!

We spent the first part showing them through the labyrinth of Chatuchak Market. Around lunchtime we took a break next door at the park, thai style we sat on our rented mat and had a picnic with an array of dishes (phad thai, chicken fried rice, and spicy basil pork) along with some tasty green and thai teas. 

After lunch, my Dad and Sevio went back in for some last minute shopping, and then we headed back to our condo for a much needed dip in the pool (Zach wasn't too keen about swimming as you can see...but he got used to it. p.s check out his cute new swimsuit!).

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