Grand Palace

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day two in Bangkok was solely devoted to being complete tourists taking in all the sights, something we had yet to do.

First up on the agenda was the Grand Palace! My sister and I had a good laugh when Dad and Sevio had to rent pants to put over their shorts, never would I have pegged those two to be the immodest ones (so, note to any men traveling to the Grand Palace...long pants are required). 

The general entry fee was 500 Baht and we spent about two hours walking around the grounds. It's absolutely amazing the amount of ornate detail put into the buildings, temples, and grounds. I can't imagine how long it took to place each and every one of those tiny pieces of mosaic glass, it's stunning.

Within the walls of the Grand Palace you will also find the temple holding the famous emerald Buddha (sorry no pictures allowed), which is made out of solid jade. Every where you turn you find something new, whether it be hand painted murals along the walls of the building, or stone statues, golden statues, or real life statuesque Thai guards. 

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