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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A juicer has been on my wish list for over a year now and when I heard my mom got one I'm not going to lie, I turned a little green with envy. BUT... I also did an excited happy dance, because it at least meant while we were visiting her I could make some yummy delicious juices.

Since moving last month, I can now say I own a juicer! Yah thats right, dreams do come true, and not just in Disneyland my friends... in real life! Ok it's a little dream, but its a good one! Out of the goodness of my most awesome, giving, lovely mother she gave me hers to take with us! THANKS MOM!

I've made a couple juices so far, and even muffins out of the leftover pulp. But today I'm going to share with you my rendition of my favourite juice and the first juice I ever bought. I call it the Refresh Your Day juice. This fresh apple juice with its minty undertones and the refreshing tartness from the limes is a great way to start your day or just give yourself a boost during the afternoon lull.

When it comes to juicing try to buy local organic fruits and produce, and bonus it gives a chance to hit up the summer farmers markets before its too late!

Refresh Your Day Juice
(serving size : 12 oz)

Shopping List:
4 Apples
1 Handful of Mint
2 Limes

1. Start by giving your fruit and mint a rinse. 
2. Cut up and de‐core your apples, I have to cut my apples into eighths to fit but this might vary depending on your juicer. Put your pieces through your juicer.
3. Cut your limes in quarters and peel the skin off (this is optional the peel will just give a more bitter taste to your juice). Put them into your juicer.
4. Take your mint (I left the stems on) and put through the juicer. 

Voila you have fresh juice! Enjoy and be refreshed!

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