More Change, Good Change!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Woah! Today I spontaneously changed my look thanks to a handy dandy coupon I came across for Legends Academy. Get this... full color, wash, cut, and style, for hello... $52!! 

I havent done anything to my hair in over 4 years except cut it. It was au natural, which the hair stylist honestly did not believe me... I don't blame her, haha my hair was about four different shades from vast amounts of sun exposure whilst in Thailand.

Always around this time I have an insane temptation to go dark, and finally I gave in, finally! And I love it! It makes my baby blues pop, and it makes my skin tone look a little more fair, which honestly I don't mind, and I full heartedly embrace my porcelain skin. 

So here I am, before a blonde!
And here I am now, a brunette!


  1. I love the dark color on you - its lovely, and it does make you "pop"!
    I've been hoping to change it up this fall too, but haven't decided yet.

  2. It's crazy how both suit you so much! You can rock either, but I agree, a little darker is a nice change for Fall ;) xx

  3. Thanks Britt! And just do it, have some fun change it up :)

  4. thanks B! your miss chameleon yourself!


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