Halloween 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This years Halloween costumes for the kids couldn't have been more perfect! Rylee was an Owl and Zach was, you guessed it, a monster! I know, so original!

I was pretty darn excited when I found these gems way back in August. Both are Carter's brand, and a steal of a deal for $12 each, especially since each costume came with pieces the kids can wear in regular day to day life.  (Ry got a white shirt and cute tights, and Zach got some nice fleecy pants that will be great for the winter.)

I unfortunately had to work until 4:30 on Halloween, so Sevio took the kids to the mall for some trick‐er‐treatin'. And after dinner I went out with Rylee, and our landlords for some more trick‐er‐treatin' around the neighbourhood. And after that, as if she didn't have enough, Rylee went out one more time with our cousin Kim. She had a fun night, and got a few treats before bed... and now to pretend that bag of candy doesn't exist!

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