Zachery // 9 Months

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Zach man is 9 months! Ahh! It's just starting to hit me that he's almost a year old! And yes... I've already started planning his birthday... the first year, its a big deal! I even found his first gift yesterday and his birthday shirt today... oh the perks of working at a children's store!

This past month we saw this lil'man standin' his ground! He's been standing for up to 30 seconds on his own before his great descent back to his tush (thank goodness for that extra cloth diaper padding).  It's so weird. It's so exciting! Soon he's going to be chasing his "big" sister, he already does, but soon he's actually going to be able to catch her! 

I don't have much to report for firsts... We did have a quick visit from Grandma (my mom) whom we took to the pumpkin patch (but I'll post about that soon). And Zach did get to celebrate his first Thanksgiving... which was spent with some of Sevio's siblings and Jamma (Sevio's mom). But for some reason or another I didn't take any pictures (shame on me). 

Due to our hectic lives I haven't really tried anything new in the food department apart from quinoa, ... which didn't go over so well haha. Although he has graduated from apple sauce to whole apples, this kid LOVES apples, and if you ever try to take one away from him it will result in a total and complete meltdown.

"seriously mom? What did you just put in my mouth?"

"Nope, I'm not having it, you can have it back"
"Please oh please don't do that again!"

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