Short Haired Princess

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Little miss underwent a huge transformation after her birthday party and you can consider this her grand reveal! She traded in her long "let it go" hair (she thought her hair was just like Elsa's from Frozen), for short "princess" hair (think Rapunsel at the end of tangled). 

We had two reasons behind her gettin' the chop. One, her long hair was becoming a nightmare! Every day consisted of a battle to get her to sit down and let us brush through the reoccurring rats nest! Two, Sevio thought she was getting a bit of a distorted "princess" complex believing her long hair was what made her "pretty". Sure she's 3 and if she wants to be Cinderella or Rapunsel its cute, but... I have to give it to the guy, he wants his little girl to grow up knowing it doesn't matter what she looks like, that she is beautiful regardless of the ridiculous stereotypes of "pretty" society throws at us. Long hair/short hair, scars/flaws and all she is beautiful!

We amped Rylee up for this big change for weeks beforehand, and for a long time she thought cutting it would make it longer... we'd say, "you want to get your haircut Rylee?", and she'd say, "Yah, hair to my bum!" so after that misconception was sorted out it took some bargaining power to get her to agree to short hair. The deal maker was only if Jamma cut it... conveniently Jamma was a hairdresser once upon a time!

So after her birthday party, Jamma whipped out her handy dandy scissors and went to work. It was quick & painless and she had a whole new look in less than 10 minutes! Our princess now rocks a shoulder length bob... which definitely is a time and grief saver! 


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  1. I am amazes how still she was for a hair cut.....she is beautiful always!!!!


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