Rylee's Monster Bash

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here is the long awaited pictures from Rylee's monster bash we had for her third birthday! I apologize in advance for some slightly out of focus pictures... I was just snapping pictures totally not aware it was on the total wrong setting. 

This day was a lot of work but I had a lot of help thanks to pinterest and friends and family! I think it it turned out great, and more importantly I think everyone had fun! We went with a cutesy monster theme with Rylee's favorite color, purple, and just for some contrast threw in some orange. 

We had the googly eyed monster cups (which you can learn how to make HERE), monster cake pops (which were way harder than anticipated!), little veggie cups, mini rolls with monster toppers, one eyed monster twizzlers, a fun punch out party game, cookie monster goodie bags (my favourite), and a vast array of monsters hanging around keeping us company. 

And here is our little birthday girl blowing out her candles!!

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