Zachery // 10 Months Old

Friday, November 21, 2014

Two months to go and we got ourselves a ONE year old!!

Over this past month we saw 4 teeth pierce their way through... 3 in one week (lots of restless nights then I tell ya!). He's got two bottom (they came first), and 1 and half top.

He broadened his tastebud horizons significantly by pretty much eating everything! The standouts were tofu, chicken, noodles, bread, beef, cheese, egg... this kid loves everything! And eats like a horse... not looking forward to the grocery bill of his teenage years!

He dressed up for his first halloween. He was a monster, and a freakin'deakin cute monster I might add (you can see more HERE).

And the big news of this month is that we've seen him take his first wobbly steps. He can stand on his own and has taken up to 4 or 5 steps before toppling over. I've been betting that he'll be walking by 10 and half months and I think I may just win (the satisfaction of being right).

Here is the face of what its like to eat meat (chicken) for the first time.
Eggtastic? Don't judge a book by its cover... he really did like the eggs.
Noodle Head! And check out that head... he had a run in with that rock wall you see in the background.
I've yet to capture him on video but this is him showing off taking a few steps at Ry's birthday party!

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