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Friday, January 2, 2015

Ahhh it's been awhile since I've been back here... one month exactly! I had a bit of an unexpected hiatus from blogging... too much going on and I wasn't motivated or inspired to get back to it! Makes me sad but theres a season for everything and I guess December was just a season of writer's block.

But here's hoping with the New Year I will be able to keep up with all life throws at us, the highs and lows and all the in-betweens! 

But before that happens I want to take a look back at some of the high-lows that 2014 threw at us!

January couldn't have started off on a better note! Rylee became the most amazing big sister, and we became a family of four when we welcomed to the world the most laid-back & joyful little man!
Mr. Zachery Jayden was born on the fifteenth while we were still overseas in Bangkok, Thailand. 

February was a tad stressful as we tried to sort out all the legalities of having a baby overseas and getting Zach's passport in time for our visa run up to Cambodia (where I was so wonderfully pick pocketed)

Not much to report for March, Sevio was finishing up with teaching English for his internship, we were packing for our travels and return home, and beginning to say some sad goodbyes to some friends we had made along the way.

We finished up with Sevio's internship in the beginning of April and welcomed my Dad and younger sister to the "Land of Smiles". We spent some 3 weeks traveling around Thailand, from Bangkok to the North down to the South. Those three weeks will be treasured forever as the fun vacation and memories made will be the last we have of my Dad before his tragic accident which occurred off the coast of Maya Bay near Phuket on April 22nd. 

May was one of the hardest months of my life. Sevio and Rylee returned to Canada while Zachery and I remained in Thailand with my Mom while Dad was in a coma in the Phuket Hospital. Never had I been faced with so much emotion, trauma, and confusion... but also never have I experienced so much love and support from our home community thousands of miles away and then wow'ed by the love and compassion of complete strangers right where we were. 

A bittersweet month June was. There was much joy in the return to Canada, to bring Dad home & reunite with family, but much sadness as we said our final goodbyes to him on the 11th. He  was true to his stubborn nature and fought hard, it was just battle that couldn't be won. I miss him everyday but his memory lives on through us and remarkably so through our little Zachery who is the spitting image of his papa.

Transition back to "regular" life began in July. It was weird and had its challenges as did many of the coming months but we put our heads to the ground for all the special events the summer held. We celebrated our 4 year anniversary (as a family of 4!) and have some remarkable family pictures courtesy of Billie Woods Photography to show for it! I also attended my 10 year reunion... and reality sets in that I'm getting old...

August started off with a bang, Sevio's sister got married, we moved, and we got to welcome our first niece into the world! 

School started in September for Sevio and the kids and I went back to work part time! First time looking for work in over 4 years... awkward! Zach also starting getting himself more vertical, with the help of tables, chairs, and whatever else he could pull himself up on.

October I switched jobs and found something more steady and worthwhile with a children's consignment store (cute affordable clothes and great toys are a great perk I tell you... Sevio would have another opinion...like that I need another job for this job :P ). 

Somebody turned 3 years old in November... Rylee! Our little girl (who is still little :P) has consistantly amazes me with her goofy character. She's one happy lil'lady (apart from the inevitable toddler tantrums we see now and then), she's compassionate and is quick to give a hug when she sees someone's sad, and she is truly fearless... nothing is too big to climb or do and it gives me heart palpitations all the time... but if I'm to get all deep I much rather her take leaps of faith in life than be held back by fear and have an attitude she can't do things.

December came and its gone and it hit me like a wall! I just couldn't catch up, so our house was messy, Sevio cooked more, BUT...we had fun! We kept up with the Christmas festivities with our homemade event advent calendar...which one of my favourites was taking Rylee skating for the first time. We also spent about 4 days back home being spoiled by family with yummy food & presents!

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