Zachery // 11 Months Old

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I apologize in advance, along with my hiatus from blogging (which inevitably skipped this update...) I also avoided my camera... soooo I don't have many pictures to share from Zachary's 11th month! 

But moving right along... quite literally actually...

This month we saw our little man master the art of walking! He's officially a toddler and very rarely does he go anywhere on all fours anymore. This has added a whole new element of play for Rylee and Zach, and its adorable to watch, and hilarious as Rylee runs away and he just chases her full of giggles totally unaware she's pretending he's the "bad guy"! 

Zachery also had his fifteen minutes of fame with his first christmas show that his daycare put on. He was the youngest one up there and in my opinion the CUTEST, hah! With some help he rang his little bells, he even held his composure as one little girl next to him totally lost it! So fun and cute!

And you can't see him in this picture but we also had a well deserved family day (with some close friends) at the Vancouver Christmas Market! Although I was totally disappointed on the size of the market I was completely happy with the yummy treats we got to try and the merry go round was a sure hit with the bigger toddlers (I'll post some of those pictures soon!).

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