Bump Watch : Week 16

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Our little bun in the oven is 16.... going on 17! Each week gone by is a milestone and means we are that much closer to a happy, healthy, full term baby! This week, He/She is the size of a yummy avocado and our special moment of the week was that we got to hear its heartbeat, which came in at 150 bpm! 

As for the subchorionic hematoma, we had our ultrasound and received the results last week. It has grown, its about 9cm long, so as an extra precaution our midwife has referred us to see an obstetrician. The news that it's grown set me back a few notches, pregnancy is unpredictable, but this hematoma thing in particular really takes the cake and sure as heck takes a toll on my emotional state of mind. 

The day before our midwife appointment I started to spot again, dark brown blood, which in essence is good (brown=old), but regardless of color it's still worrisome when you know nothing is supposed to be escaping from down there until 38 or so weeks. The fact we got to hear our little overcomer's heartbeat the next day was a huge relief.  Every set back hurts, and absolutely scares me, but through it all I'm actually learning what it is to hope for something. Sevio is way better at this than me and keeps reminding me to take it one thing at a time, one appointment at a time, one week at time... so here's hopin' for 22 more weeks of watching this bump grow!

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