Bump Watch : 20 Weeks

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hey there we're half way there! Hard to believe it and its exciting that as each week quickly passes our baby is growing stronger, which is essential due to the risks that a sub chronic hematoma poses (read about that here).

This week has been awesome! One day I was getting worried that I hadn't noticed it moving in awhile and just that night I felt it again and actually could see it for the first time! Bummer that Sevio is in Mexico right now and missed it... but its something exciting to come home to.

Baby should be about the size of a banana and I feel like I've moved into the "yup she's pregnant" stage! Haha the tummy's rounding out more and although its small I'm noticing bending over and getting up is not the same, neither is the bladder... I'm visiting the bathroom much more frequently and dealing with the good ol' pregnancy "Peezing" (sneezing and peeing at the same time... and yes I just full on admitted to that, other moms I know you can relate! Other ladies... if your thinking of becoming a mom... be prepared for these kinds of things people don't talk about!).

We're looking forward to next week we will finally get to find out what he or she is! Join the baby gender poll... place your vote here!

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