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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

This week with Sevio and Rylee I've really been trying to keep on top of things as a way to alleviate the feeling of chaos surrounding me. A messy house to me is stressful and claustrophobic, its the worst waking up or coming home to a messy house. Just like Allyson from the movie "Moms Night Out" I feel like (and sometimes I do) curling up in a stress paralyzed fetal position.

As a way getting organized I first made a list of all the things that need to be done around the house. Then I broke them down in daily, weekly, monthly, and miscellaneous big chores. After that I made this nifty printable chore chart that I printed out and laminated for our fridge. Using a dry erase pen I can easily break up the small/weekly chores amongst everyone. Every week I'll change it up a little or add one of the bigger monthly/misc chores so that everything gets covered.

This I hope will help keep our home a little more organized and help take some stress off my shoulders by divvying up some of the jobs. I'm also really excited to start instituting jobs for Rylee that can give her a sense of responsibility and teach her that in our family we're a team and one way we can help each other is by helping out in the small things.

Here's a few ideas I have for Rylee that I think are toddler age appropriate chores:

    > Make bed
    > Pick up toys/books
    > Put soap in the dishwasher
    > Help wash mirrors and windows
    > Water the plants

As for Zachary, he may be too young for chores per say but there are some things that even he can do too, like:

    > Brush teeth (this one is more of a reminder for mom and dad!)
    > Pick up toys
    > Put diapers in garbage (he just learned this and its awesome!)

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