Gender Reveal!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Last week we had our second trimester ultrasound and we learned some pretty important things with little baby 3.0! Say hello to our little one above... it was pretty cute to see its little hands together like it was praying and then when we finally got a face shot it stuck its sassy little tongue out, a character already!

First things first is that all looks normal for baby's development, no concerns there which is great! Our pregnancy buddy, the sub chorionic hematoma, has decreased in size! And by decreased, I mean by more than half its original size.... so that is awesome, amazing, fantastic....!!!! 

And now... da da daaaaa.... the moment you've all been waiting for, the gender! As inconclusively as they tell you these days... baby 3.0 is officially a ..... GIRL!!! Rylee was adamant that she was having a little sister (because she already had a boy...) and she was right! We're all just so excited! 


  1. YAY A GIRL!!! I mean I would be happy either way ... I'm just so excited in general for you guys to have another baby :D

  2. haha thanks em! We're gettin pretty excited to meet her :)


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