Mommy Time Out : 5 Steps to Living Healthier

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Last week I focused on getting our/my life a little more organized with delegating some household chores. One, to take a few less things off my plate. Two, to create more structure within our family so everyone is on the same page knowing what needs to be done for the week. Three, to begin teaching our children the value of responsibility and teamwork. 

This week I've focused on living a healthier lifestyle. Here are five things that I've put into action over the week in hopes to destress, mood lift, and just overall take better care of this body (and baby) I have been given.

1. Drink More Water : This is a hard thing for me to keep doing, or even think about doing. I hate water, it is the absolute last thing I will turn to when I am thirsty. BUT, I know it is essential for good health and keeping everything in balance. Not to mention keeping well hydrated is key to any pregnancy but also wards off premature contractions (which I am at risk for).

2. Exercise : I have not exercised at least since the summer, at least! And I know its a good reason why I feel low. Exercising is a natural de-stresser, and the vitamin D that comes with being outside helps lift my mood substantially. Over the past week we have had amazing weather so I take Zach out in the stroller for a stroll around the block, about a half hour, almost everyday, and its been great! I love this time to just observe the beauty of spring coming alive, smiling at people we pass, and let my mind think clearly without any kind of interruptions. 

3. Take My Vitamins : I am as bad at this as I am at drinking water.  I forget! All the time! So I have set a reminder on my phone, this helps big time! 

4. Floss : Hello, heres a dirty secret of mine. I only ever floss if I have an upcoming dentist appointment... I know they can tell, but a part of me just doesn't want to have to lie when they ask, "do you floss?" Flossing not only is good hygiene, but the bacteria that builds up can affect more than just your gums and teeth, so I'm going to take this annoying five minute task a little bit more seriously.

5. Complete Something : Theres always things floating around in my head that I want to do or have started and never finished (Sevio can attest to this). Completing something gives such a feeling of satisfaction, pride, and relief! So whether it be a craft, an old project, or a big chore that always gets avoided my goal is to finish something at least once a week... this week I purged and organized Zachery's clothing. Just by pulling out too small clothes and clothes I know he'll never wear I was able to say goodbye to two full garbage bags and hello to two empty drawers!

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