Mommy Tips : Crayon Removal

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

So you may or may not have seen that super cute picture I posted (HERE) on instagram last week of matching pants I found for Rylee and baby girl...

Well one morning just as we're getting ready to go to daycare/school/work, I hear Sevio tell Rylee to put her crayon in the garbage and thats when I knew... something had been drawn on.  Yes we are in that stage, the "coloring on everything" stage, Lord help us! My first thought was she just drew on her expensive play kitchen but then she came around the corner and I saw her pants.... uuuggghhhhhh!

I honestly was more annoyed about her pants then the idea of that play kitchen being scribbled on. I knew I could get crayon off of the kitchen but clothing... I thought they were going in the garbage too! 

That night I searched pinterest for crayon stain removal solutions (we have a bed frame as well that has been Rylee picasso'd). I saw WD40 got a lot of things out, and even with fabrics but I just wasn't really willing to risk it, and I don't own any. Then I found a simple hot wash with baking soda should do the trick... so since I had that on hand I figured what the heck lets try it!

I threw some like colors in a small load set on hot wash/cold rinse, then added a 1/2 cup of baking soda, closed the lid and walked away.

The results... NO MORE CRAYON!!! Oh happy day, cute pants will live another day!

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