My Husband, The Graduate!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A monumental thing happened a little while ago... Sevio graduated with his undergrad! Finally, hah! It's been a long three years of many transitions, highs and lows, ups and downs and all arounds, but we stuck through it! I am so proud of all the hard work he has put into his studies, he is one dedicated hardworking guy and pretty amazing to have done it all with a wife and two small children bugging him every three seconds! Oh and did I mention he was even nominated for valedictorian!

Now we are on to a new phase in life, yet another transition, but a welcome one. We originally thought completing this undergrad would be it, but throughout last summer and fall Sevio starting thinking and pursuing a potential career in accounting. Totally a foreign field from the Intercultural Degree he just spent the last 3 years completing, we've had many people go... "What?". But if you know Sevio he is an extremely logical person and has always been a problem solver and good with numbers (he's my walking calculator), so for us it doesn't sound at all crazy. 

So yes, the road we are currently pursuing is a bit different, but we see it as an asset to add to what he's learned through his degree. Where we go we are not sure, we still hold a passion to be involved in church planting, but not in the traditional sense, more so in a home church setting where we feel we can build closer relationships and welcome those who wouldn't normally feel comfortable in a church building. For us accounting is not a career but a means to support our (growing) family and create a home we've desired for a long time... a place where the doors are always open, a place where anyone is welcome, and everyone is loved and well fed! 

Recently, Sevio has begun his first of four prep modules that he will do over the summer and fall. Come January he will then begin the official accounting program! We're in for another hard, busy couple of years but the end result will be so worth it and we're excited to get there and see where it leads! 

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