Bump Watch : 32 Weeks

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

This baby is thirty two weeks old people! I'm a little bit stressed that the end is in sight and there's still a few somewhat important details to sort out... like a car that will fit us all, but I'm leaving that in Sevio's hands!

I finished my last day of work on Saturday, so I am officially a stay at home mom again. It's earlier than expected but the timing is perfect allowing me time to get organized around the house, prepare some freezer meals, and spend some quality time with Rylee and Zach before the newborn madness begins.

As for little bub, she's moving LOTS and has one healthy little heartbeat! The midwife said she's lounging sideways in there... which is unusual to me (the others were always head down), but at this stage its not a concern.  She should be about the length of a stalk of kale (16 or so inches), and weighing just about 4 lbs!

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