Crafts : DIY Mason Jar Shampoo Dispenser

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Who isn't a fan of mason jars? But if you don't can or use them as drinking glasses what the heck are they good for? UM... EVERYTHING!

I have a box of mason jars that have been sitting in storage (for years) just waiting for me to do something with them and finally I found the time and a purpose for one of them, a dispenser for my next project, homemade shampoo (recipe coming soon)!

For this project I used:

1 pint jar (16 oz.)
1 Mason Jar Pump (Michaels)
Americana Decor Chalky Finish (Michaels)
1 pouncer brush (Dollar Store)
Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze (Michaels, not pictured)
Adhesive labels (Not used for shampoo jar, but would if I was making a soap jar)

Step 1: Clean Mason Jar

Step 2: Apply paint to outside of jar. Let it dry and apply a second coat. (I didn't worry so much about the top part as I know its going to get dinged up from unscrewing/screwing on the lid over time)

< First Coat >
< Second Coat >

Step 3: Brush on gloss glaze to painted jar. Let completely dry.

Step 4: Apply your sticker label.

Step 5: Fill your jar with liquid soap or shampoo and twist on pump!

I'm so in love with this, and only thing I may change is finding a matte glaze, but thats just my own personal preference.  

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