DIY : Nursery Art

Saturday, June 20, 2015

One little project is finally complete for the new baby! A LONG time ago I scored these 3 Ikea picture frames second hand.  My original plan was to fill them with family pictures, however, the cost of getting 8x8 pictures printed was a bit absurd... so they've been sitting in a drawer ever since.

As my due date has been getting closer that "nesting" instinct has been kicking in, primarily in making a space for our new little one. First on the to do list was repurpose these picture frames into some trendy art to hang over her soon to be crib. 

I simply printed out on plain paper some free printables that I found:

"Arrow Heart" in golden yellow (which I changed to a slightly lighter yellow)  by Lemon Jitters 
"Dream Big Little One" by Kimchi & Sweet Tea
"Let Your Dreams Take Flight" by Strive By Something Good

Sevio, my handy dandy totally not crafty man cut out some white cardstock for me to matte the images in the frame and literally thats all there was too it, easy peasy and super duper cheap! Our little lady now has a beautiful place to lay her head!

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